Dew Point Calculator

Dew Point Calculator

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Chooks Demands at the Farm

Being at chooks’ farm, some time, is challenging.

When chicks become too picky of their food, I must get them eating or else chooks are off on schedule to chooks-to-go stores. The demand of chooks-to-go fans and consumers get me pressured to fix dillema of the farm. Fortunately, solutions are always there. And good thing, in a few tweaks of the farm’s system, and support of farm staffs, I’d see remarkable change.

So your supplies will not be cut off. Just enjoy our chooks.

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Bounty Fresh Pangasinan Held Broiler Seminar For Contract Growers

Contract growers of Western Luzon Operation of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. attended broiler management seminar on August 18, 2011 at Max’s Urdaneta. They attend to this activity once or twice a year to update their knowledge and skill regarding growing chicken. The group were updated about vaccination procedure, water, and feed management.

Contract growers listen to Dr. Jay Feria of MSD, our sponsor of the seminar, regarding lectures on

These group are the ones responsible for making bounty fresh chicken, and chooks-to-go grow robust, and fit for munching.

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Bounty Fresh Chicken @ the Farm

"The Chickens Are Growing"

These chickens grow no longer than 35 days, so they're tender and juicy in chooks-to-go.

In hundreds of farms, big and small, all over the Philippines, we do grow chicken you relish, like the Bounty Fresh Chicken and Chooks-to-go. These chickens receive pampering; feeding, drinking, breathing fresh air, and sleeping on the good nights, that’s why they grow fast, say, faster than your next haircut.

You might wonder how, where, and when these Bounty Fresh Chickens and Chooks-to-go are being raised? At the moment, millions of these chickens are being grown all over places near you, and one of them will be served, few days or probably anytime now, on your table.

With the farm owners, farm managers, field personnels, nutritionists, and name all of us in the Bounty Agroventures, and Bounty Fresh Foods, Inc., are the ones taking care of your Bounty Fresh Chicken and Chooks-to-go.

This Blog will give you hints why you enjoy the chooks we cared.

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